Due to limited staffing, espresso beverages(americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas) are not available on Sundays and additional days when necessary. Thank you for understanding!

Coconut, Oat, Whole Milk, Breve

Americano(iced/hot)- double shot of espresso, water

Cafe au lait- 2/3 drip coffee, 1/3 steamed milk of choice

Cappuccino- 8 oz size only, 2 shots of espresso, steamed milk & foam

Water Avenue Drip Coffee- single origin Ethiopia 

Cold Brew- house made and 12oz cans

Decaf Cold Brew- house made

Latte(iced/hot)- double shot, milk of choice

Mocha(iced/hot)- double shot, milk of choice, chocolate sauce(cocoa powder, sugar)

Vanilla Latte(iced/hot)- double shot, milk of choice, Monin vanilla syrup

Hazelnut Latte(iced/hot)- double shot, milk of choice, Monin hazelnut syrup

Amaretto Mocha(iced/hot)- double shot, milk of choice, chocolate sauce, Monin amaretto syrup



Hot Chocolate- chocolate sauce, steamed milk of choice

Chai(iced/hot)- One Stripe brand chai concentrate, milk of choice

Matcha(iced/hot)- Jasmine Pearl Tea Co brand matcha, milk of choice

Spindrift- Grapefruit, Mint Tea, Peach Strawberry

Jasmine Pearl brand Hot Tea- English Breakfast(black), Earl Grey(black), Genmeicha(green), Golden Fire(herbal), Lemon Hibiscus(herbal), Mild Moroccan Mint(green)

Jasmine Pearl Iced Tea- Mild Moraccan Mint(green), Lemon Hibiscus(herbal)

Our drink vendor partners:

Jasmine Pearl Tea Company 

One Stripe Chai Company

Water Avenue Coffee

Brew Dr Kombucha