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Valentine's Day

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we'll be serving up some inspired creations. These pastries are available to order by phone right now (for pick-up February 13-17) and will be available to order online starting February 10 (for pick-up February 13-17).

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS: Chocolate pastry cream fills this delicious eclair that's topped with chocolate ganache. What a way to say "I love you" to yourself. $5.50/ea

CONVERSATION HEART SUGAR COOKIES (VEGAN): Since America's favorite Valentine's candy is unavailable this year, why not substitute with a giant vegan sugar cookie to show your sweetheart you care? Choose from a variety of sayings (Carino, Kiss Me, Babe, Hugs, BFF, Wink Wink, Amor, XOXO, Cutie, Te Amo, Be Mine, Te Quiero)  $2.75/ea

WATER AVENUE COFFEE ECLAIRS: This treat is an ode to one of our loves, COFFEE! More specifically, Water Avenue Coffee. New Cascadia+Water Avenue Coffee=LOVE! $5.50/ea

JAM FILLED LINZER COOKIES: This Valentine's Day why not give someone your heart...shaped linzer cookie. A delicious buttery cookie with raspberry jam filling you'll never forget. $3.50/ea