gluten-free quiche
gluten-free quiche gluten-free quiche gluten-free quiche

Quiche is the quintessential brunch item. It’s easy to see why when a perfectly prepared pastry crust is filled with whipped eggs, seasonal vegetables, meats, & cheese. 

Available to order as a whole meat quiche or as a whole vegetarian quiche. Whole quiche can be sold in a glass dish ($6 refundable deposit) included in the price (bring us the dish back on your return visit and we can refund you the deposit), or skip the glass dish and opt for a 9 inch aluminum tin. 

*please note: our quiche ingredients rotate seasonally and weekly, dependent on what ingredients we have on hand. While you aren't able to select specific ingredients to include, you can note if you would like a specific ingredient left out. In addition, we can provide quiche ingredients to you upon your pick up.