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PRIDE & Father's Day Weekend

June is a special month for many reasons. Summer starts, we celebrate Father's Day, and best of's PRIDE month!

We want to help you celebrate and spread love around the city with our ever so festive Fruity Pebble Pride Cupcakes. Our vegan vanilla & non-vegan vanilla cakes are infused with fruity pebble goodness, topped with vanilla frosting, and decorated with extra fruity pebbles. 

Pride cupcakes

For Father's Day, we want you and your father figures to enjoy our special Raspberry Brioche Rolls & Chocolate Brioche Rolls, back by popular demand. The perfect buttery brioche base rolled in either raspberry deliciousness or chocolaty goodness. Smothered in cream cheese frosting, 'cause why not?

gluten-free raspberry brioche roll

Our Pride Cupcakes & Brioche Rolls are available June 14th-June 16th, available for walk-in customers first come first served, OR you can special order these treats with three-day's notice. 

  • Pride Cupcakes $4 each
  • Brioche Rolls $4.50 each
Remember, you are safe in our bakery. We are your allies. We love you for who you are. Now let's celebrate together!