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Come Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Us

At one point or another in our lives, we’ve found ourselves craving a doughnut. When we think about it, it’s not really a surprise that this treat hits the spot like no other. They pair exceptionally well with tasty hot beverages, they can be had as a quick snack or to accompany a long conversation. Most of all, there’s a doughnut out there for all of us; from traditional glaze to daring recipes such as maple-bacon donuts. And in our case, GLUTEN-FREE!
The origins of National Doughnut Day are traced to The Salvation Army’s involvement in World War I. During this time, a group of volunteers was dispatched to the frontlines with the mission of providing comforting meals for the troops. They soon found out that doughnuts were an effective way to provide food while navigating the difficulties of cooking in very dire circumstances. These brave volunteers would later be known as “doughnut lassies”. They would even use war helmets as a utensil to fry up seven donuts at a time.
In 1938 “Doughnut Day” was established as a way to honor the members of the Salvation Army that came to the aid of soldiers during World War I. Nowadays, National Donut Day is widely celebrated on the first Friday of June.

Come visit us this Friday, June 5 and take part in the next phase of our gluten-free doughnut wizardry. You won't be disappointed.